Building Lives Worth Living – #1: Get The Patient Out Of Hell #2: Help Them Stay Out Of Hell. This Is Marsha Linehan’s Description Of DBT

The Linehan Institute BehavioralTech: Building Lives Worth Living


Marsha Linehan:

“You know I have seen a lot of changes in people who have been in DBT and it’s truly almost impossible to describe them because the problems people come with are very different. And our goal is developing Lives Worth Living and that looks different in different people.

My main goal for people who come into therapy is that they get out of hell. That’s my first goal. And my second goal is that they stay out of hell. And this is one of the main reasons we teach skills. Because skills are aimed at helping individuals build lives that they themselves will experience as worth living.

The idea is that if you can build a life that you experience as worth living, you’ll keep living and you’ll stay out of hell.”