Normal To Borderline

It’s so weird…

Smart, beautiful girl, never getting in trouble, trying to be who people want…

More university education than most, Bachelor of Science and then Masters of Science – 6 years straight, no pause. 8.6/9 GPA during her master’s degree. Hi IQ. Works to the bone.

Buying her first house at 24 and starting work immediately as a professional scientist downtown. Paying her partner’s debts and being dumped again and again – never learning of course lol

Everyone trusting her, amazing at her job, millions and millions of dollars in projects that she works on or helps to run or fixes, babysits kiddos for people, is asked advice, people confided in her.

People asked her how she did it sometimes. She was told she was the bravest and most caring mother. She spent years alone taking care of her sick baby, doing everything.

Over 10 years non-stop working with high achiever rewards some years.

And then… she started to get stressed… and couldn’t figure out what was happening and couldn’t find support. And then she took herself to the psych ward because she was getting scared and didn’t know what to do. And there she stayed alone. And then, they told her she had BPD. And that was it. Everyone gone. She’s too sick. She’s mentally ill. Maybe let’s send her back to the ward. We’ll decide everything for her. She’s scary. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She needs help and therapy. She’s mean and manipulative, she needs to change. See if she should have more medication. Give her meds to make her sleep. She’s not allowed to work, she can’t be trusted. She sleeps too much now and can’t manage anything. She’s a burden. People with BPD can’t be helped or are too much work, the police have no time, you’re ridiculous. Take some meds. You’re so sick. Keep her away from kids. Just go away, you’re a burden, you’re too much work, you’re annoying, you don’t help back, you just take and use people… abuse people.

And then… you learn to be silent. Don’t say anything, do what you’re told and do it on your own. Maybe one day it might be different. Maybe?… I hope.