Where No One Will Find Me

Not that many looked anyway.

I just couldn’t dance anywhere, wether I really did it or just made it up.

But there’s no one and no where for me. Pretend me dancing, real me dancing, human me dancing.

And the few places I tried to match, they just danced because of propriety.

The things I’d hoped for so much turned out to be beyond what I was allowed to ever have or to ever deserve.

No one sees the swan, and they mistake her, just like in the ballet. I was never going to get to be just like everyone else, and have dreams come true like others I watch all around.

So, it’s time to go back to where I came from. It’s too hard to hide or figure out what other people want me to do in this world anymore.

The music box is shut now – a little ornament for someone’s shelf perhaps. Or maybe 25¢ profit for some antique shop one day.

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  1. There’s no use trying to fit in, when you were so clearly born to stand out. Thanks for the like 😊

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