Believe You Me; Advice From A BPD: Step Back And Watch How The “Pros” Do It!

Borderline Personality Disorder…..
Believe You Me; Advice From A BPD:

A note to all those kind people out there who have a hate-on for me. To those who like to tell me and remind me about all of my mistakes. To those who invalidate me, shame me, degrade me, ignore me… To those helping me to kill myself faster….

I’ve Got This One Under Control!!! All on my own, too! I promise – cross my heart and hope to die… And I Really hope to die on many days… I’m a 1000 times better at doing that to myself than you are. So thank you for all your help, and kind offers… But I’ll take it from here 😉

– “I” said this (BPD diagnosis 26/04/2017)

” Educate Through Humor, Not Through Hate” Project.