1. Hi! Hope your having a great day.I came across your page and wanted to letyou know I like it. I have BPD as well.I was wondering what your suggestion would be.On the best web site or app to use for free DBT If you know of any?How envolved would you say you are in being a advocate?I ask because I want to do more in that way,and wondering also how you personally support and help to spread the world,fight etc for awarness.If you are very active in the BPD community,and know of anyone,organization,team,or anything that could use assistance/support or more people like myself and oters I know who support and engage in spreading the word an awareness of mental health/bpd please let me know.Thank you for taking the time to read this.Your awesome,beautiful and super cool for being you:)#BPDLEARNCARE&SHARE

    1. @Meme – sorry, I should have mentioned first off… You can check out my page if you like: http://wp.me/P8Fk87-6K
      It’s a “proposal”, an “idea” I called “Educate Through Humor, Not Through Hate” and see what you think in the meantime? I’ll spend some thoughtful time and put together an answer for your questions soon.
      Thanks again!!!!

    2. Hi Meme! A few thoughts from me;
      Thank you so much for your kindness and sharing with me. Connections are always welcome!
      I myself have been misdiagnosed for a very long time. Consequently, no therapy has ever worked before I finally received the right diagnosis… it’s only now that things are moving and shaking for me, so to speak. πŸ™‚
      As far as all the wonderful people that I presently know, who have BPD, it manifests itself in so many different ways… and I only know ladies so far, no gentlemen yet… But all of the ladies I do know to-date, have some amazing qualities that are similar between them;
      *Really like making connections with others (even with that lady in the grocery store line)
      *Have a fire that burns bright inside of them… (we don’t shut-up, we don’t give-up! lol)
      So I would encourage other BPDs, to use those strengths! I love using humor myself… I think it helps to soften things a little. It’s so nice just to have a chuckle every once in a while too.
      Sometimes we get so caught up in everything that’s so different between us and the world, the things that we’re changing, our DBT and therapy… that we might forget that along with every “weakness” or perceived weakness, comes some AMAZING strengths. I would encourage you, Meme, to use all of your super-powers too πŸ™‚
      We have been given a great gift in one way, that we experience the world beyond it’s “boundaries”… and this can serve us well for out-of-the-box thinking, beautiful creativity, uniqueness… I figure – let’s use all of that to our advantage!
      I have no worries about any BPD not having enough energy, drive or passion to seek out what they believe in and grab it by the horns… if you don’t find what you’d like to “join”, start something up yourself! If something speaks to your heart, dive-in. Many of us have been waiting more than long enough for our correct diagnosis. So while we’re “fixing” ourselves with DBT, therapy, psychiatry… not everything about us needs to be “fixed”! πŸ™‚
      I encourage you just to go… start reading or blogging or express yourself… and start going with the flow… it’ll start to point you towards your path(s). And just follow the energy, follow your heart, follow your instincts and they’ll lead you there. Healing can happen by just sharing one simple word. Love can be expressed with a light touch or warm glow in your eyes. You can help in so many ways, it doesn’t need to be huge.
      Please feel free to check out “my ideas” around this topic; “Educate Through Humor, Not Through Hate”
      I can’t comment about DBT, because it depends on your city, your support system and so on! Best to ask your psychiatrist and/or counselor πŸ™‚
      We’re BPDs… we’re meant to be one-of-a-kinds… colour beyond the borders, burn bright in the dark – so let that all shine out!
      All the best in your journey!

  2. I just discovered the mighty.com. it’s an awesome mental health community with articles written by folks with BPD. Keep up the fight girl!!!

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