Dialectics And My Formula Necessary To Congratulate Myself

Currently… I work as much as possible with logic… I am relying less on my emotions because I’m being taught about dialectics.

It’s so much easier to understand and eventually believe something’s correct/”normal” if it’s more like A + B = C ….. Because that’s really hard to argue is incorrect in both the “normal” world and the “BPD” world. It’s so interesting… and more “mind-blown” kind of stuff…

So, I have developed my exact formula to determine when I need to congratulate myself (because I’ve never done that ever before in my life);

Step 1: I try to apply a new learned technique. In other words, I do something differently.

Step 2: I get any kind of new or different result than I would have normally gotten before.

Step 3 : If I’m happier/better/more positive in any way/shape/form due to the results from step 1 then step 2, then congratulations is in order to myself! 🙂 No questions asked, no argument.

Formula summary;

if Step 1 + Step 2 = Step 3 > no Step 1/2/3



***Note: if, and, or, then statements are used mathematically/in the mathematical sense